Glaucoma (Kala Motia) Solution


Glaucoma (Kala Motia) Solution

    Glaucoma, commonly known as Kala Motia, can be treated with oral medicine, eye drops, surgery or a combination of these methods. The aim of the treatment is to prevent the vision loss since the loss of vision from glaucoma is irreversible. The relief is that if detected at the early age, can be effectively treated with medically or surgically.


    It can cause a vision-threatening damage, so in order to combat it, you need to extra cautious. Taking the medication regime regularly, as prescribed plays the key role. The patient and the doctor need to work in a team to fight against glaucoma.


    A comprehensive eye examination is to be conducted to diagnose the ailment. It includes a series of tests comprising – tonometry, visual field test, pachymetry, gonioscopy, and test for optic nerve damage. These examinations are carried out to check intraocular pressure, corneal thickness, drainage angle, and areas of suspected vision loss.


    The damage caused due to glaucoma can never be amended. But the proper treatment and consistent checkups help in preventing the vision loss, especially when it is detected in the early stage.


    The aim of treatment is to control the pressure in your eye. The cure programs (whether pills, drops, or surgery) depends on the situation. 

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