Retinal Detachment Surgery


Retinal Detachment Surgery

Retinal Detachment, as the name suggests, is a disorder associated with an eye retina where it gets peeled off from the underlying layer of support tissue. The initial detachment can be localized, but sans the prompt treatment the entire retina may come off, leading to the loss of vision and blindness.

The retina is a very important part of an eye. It is a thin layer made up of light-sensitive tissue placed behind the wall of an eye. As per the optical system, it is the eye that focusses light on the retina, and it is the retina that translated the focused image into impulses and sends it to the brain via the optic nerve. Sometimes injury or trauma to the head or eye may cause damage or tear in the retina. When it gets to tear it makes way for the vitreous fluid to seep through it and make it peeled away.

The symptoms of retinal detachment comprise – flashes of light, massive increase in the floaters, heaviness in the eyes, and the ring of floaters appearing on the temporal side of the vision.

For the treatment, there are several methods to correct the detached retina; each of it depends on finding and treating the breaks that formed on the retina. The procedures are based on three general rules stating – find all breaks, seal all breaks, and relieve vitreoretinal traction. 

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