Pediatric Ophthalmology


Pediatric Ophthalmology

Pediatric eye diseases are fundamentally different from adult eye ailments and must be treated in that way only. The developing nervous and visual systems in a child make it essential to follow a different approach to treat the pediatric eye problems.

In addition to it, special skills and tools are needed for proper examining and treating the children with eye disorders. The psychological impact on children while deciding the management of eye problem is another crucial point to be well considered before initiating the treatment.

Our team appreciates these facts and work and follow a dedicated approach to cater the needs of our pediatric patients. We offer abundant services with a goal to reduce blindness and eye disorders in infants as well as children. We are well-equipped with a range of tools and equipment required to carry out the extensive pediatric ophthalmic examination.

We assess the prevailing disorders with appropriate diagnosis and effective treatment strategies. From regular/routine eye checkups to major ophthalmic surgeries, you find it all under one roof. 

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